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I grew-up in the country side outside Bologna.

Background. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in literature (with a focus on history) and a Master’s Degree in contemporary history. I wrote both my dissertations on digital history topics at the University of Bologna, under the supervision of Prof. Francesca Tomasi.

PhD Student @UniBo. Since June 2017, I hold a Ph.D. in History of Technology, from the International Centre for the History of Universities and Science, University of Bologna. I conducted these four years of research under the supervision of Maurizio Matteuzzi and Simone Paolo Ponzetto, with a specific focus on Digital Humanities. In my dissertation, I investigated how to combine web archive materials and natural language processing methods for getting new perspectives on the recent past of academic institutions. To know more: “The Web as a Historical Corpus” [link].

Researcher @UniMa. For two years (2016-17) I have worked at the Data and Web Science Group and at the Political Science Department of the University of Mannheim, with Laura Dietz and Nikolay Marinov. My research was focused on information retrieval approaches for studying international relations (IR4IR). During this period, I conducted four visiting periods at the University of New Hampshire, where Laura is now located.

Post-Doc @SFB. Until October 2019, I have worked as a Post-Doc on computational text analysis methods as part of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 884: “Political Economy of Reforms”, at the University of Mannheim. My research in this context was focused on developing new methods for cross-lingual classification, topic detection and scaling of political texts.