Background. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in literature (with a focus on history) and a Master’s Degree in contemporary history. I wrote both my dissertations on digital history topics at the University of Bologna, under the supervision of Prof. Francesca Tomasi.

PhD Student at Unibo. Currently, I am a final year PhD Student at the Centre for the History of Science and Universities of the University of Bologna, under the supervision of Prof. Maurizio Matteuzzi. In my research, I study how to employ born-digital documents for getting new perspectives on the recent history of academic institutions.

During the first year of my PhD, I spent one month as a visiting scholar at the Centre for Internet Studies at Aarhus University (working with Prof. Niels Brügger) and I did a summer internship with the Human Technology Group of the Foundation Bruno Kessler (supervisors Prof. Bernardo Magnini and Anne-Lyse Minard). Since the beginning of my second year, I have been working as a visiting researcher at the Data and Web Science Group of the University of Mannheim, under the supervision of Prof. Simone Paolo Ponzetto.

Researcher at DWS. From May 2016, I am also a researcher at the Data and Web Science Group, working with Laura Dietz. In the next two years, I will study how to use advanced natural language processing methods and information retrieval techniques for political science research tasks.