Building Entity-Centric Event Collections

These are the gold standard annotations used in the paper:

Nanni, F., Ponzetto, S. P., & Dietz, L. (2017). Building Entity-Centric Event Collections. JCDL.


Gold standard entities [.tsv]

Event \t Entity \t Label \n


Gold standard passages [.tsv]

Event \t Entity \t Passage-type \t Label \t Text \n


Event list [.txt]

A list of all the events we considered in our quantitative evaluation in the form of links to Wikipedia pages.


Gold standard NYT event articles [.tsv]

Event \t Article-id \t Label \n

Article-ids refer to the New York Times Corpus (


Gold standard USC event speeches [.tsv]

Event \t Speech-id \t Label \n


Speeches-ids are the date+title of each speech. The corpus has been collected from the digital library THOMAS when it was still available online. The majority of the speeches are available on We will make the entire corpus available at the end of a collaborative project we are currently conducting with Prof. Nikolay Marinov.